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Our Story

Our Beginnings

Leonida and Herminio Salaguinto immigrated to Hawaii from the Philippines in 1984 and 1990. After years at the Grand Hyatt and Grand Wailea resorts here in Maui, they become American citizens.

In the early 2000s, they decided to open a storefront in Wailuku. They named their business after their three children: Junior, Michelle, and Arnel. JMA Imports initially sold high-end imported Asian furniture. In 2004 the store pivoted from selling furniture to selling boutique Asian groceries, specializing in Filipino goods.

Our Mission

To provide the best service and products for our customers.


Herminio and Leonida Salaguinto

While home on Maui, Herminio spends time tending to his dozen goats. He also regularly visits the Philippines to help his family with projects.

Leonida enjoys growing an impressive flower garden. Leonida and Herminio regularly attend Christ the King mass with their children and grandchildren.

Michelle & Julian

Arnel Salaguinto

Warehouse Manager

When Arnel is not working at the store, he can usually be found training for his next boxing match or spending time with his son.


Michelle Salaguinto Hummel-Casserley


Michelle is a full-time nurse, wife, and mother of four. She is also a licensed insurance agent.

Michelle & Julian

Junior Salaguinto


Junior is in the military full-time but helps with some of the most significant changes in the business, like this website.

Salaguinto Ohana